The reality

In Germany, educational success still depends on background. Every year around 50,000 pupils leave school as drop-outs (Bertelsmann, Chancenspiegel 2017). They almost always come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and / or often have a migration background. In Berlin alone, there are about 3,000 per year - the number for young people with a migrant background is almost three times as high.

Quinoa-Schule (Quinoa School) was founded by the social enterprise Quinoa Bildung (Quinoa Education) in Berlin-Wedding in 2014 to address this issue. The school is a state-approved, donation-based private school. Unlike most private schools, however, Quinoa School’s focus is on youths with low socio-economic statuses and often a history of immigration.
In 2016, more than 40% of participants in the school’s district did not pass their secondary education exams. This needs to change. Our goal is to give young people, regardless of their background, a chance to succeed in school and to lead successful and sustainable lives thereafter.

Our solution

In order to do that, our pedagogic concept entails the following:
  • Our values courage, mindfulness and commitment are at the core of our school life.
  • Our distinguished tutoring and mentoring programmes provide students with individual 1:1 support. Students can discuss personal as well as other issues with their person of trust – meetings take place on a biweekly basis. Goal-setting is a major pillar of both programmes.
  • The subject Future lays the foundation for a successful career: students already start creating plans for life after school from 7th grade, as well as attending internships and having regular workshops with external persons and institutions.
  • The subject Intercultural Learning encourages our young people to engage with their family history and cultural background. As such we facilitate the development of an individual cultural identity within a multicultural setting.
  • Teaching language skills is an integral part of our curriculum; the target languages currently being German, Turkish and English. Over 80% of the students come from an immigration background and have often low language proficiency in their mother tongue and / or German.
  • Parent and family contact is another key part of Quinoa’s concept. Tutors and class teachers are encouraged to have regular contact with students’ parents. The aim is to bridge any divides that occur due to sociocultural factors.

Proving young people can

In 2018, 90.5% of participants at Quinoa-Schule passed their secondary education exams. That's 56% more students compared to the overall district.  (Source:

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